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Visiting Scholar Application Information

The YOK Center offers scholars the opportunity to come and study and research at its offices at UC Riverside. Applicants must be invited to apply to the program by Director Edward T. Chang.

Application Guidelines:

Fee: $250 - Checks Must be Made Payable to UCR Foundation

Applications must be Printed and Mailed with the Application Fee of $250 to:

Edward T. Chang
Dept. of Ethnic Studies
UC Riverside
900 University Ave.
Room# 4031 CHASS INTN
Riverside, CA 92521


For more information please contact:
Carol Park


Kim, Younggi, National Youth Policy Institute
Trinh, Viet, Yale University


2017 - 2018

Yoon, Jia, Dept. of Korean Literature, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
Ahn, Sang-Su, Korean Women's Development Institute

2016 - 2017

Kim, So Hyang, Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Busan National University

2015 - 2016

Kim, Jiyon, National Youth Policy Institute, Seoul, South Korea

2014 - 2015

Yang, Kye Min, National Youth Policy Institute, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Oh, Mi Ok, Koje College, Dept. of Social Welfare, South Korea
Lee, Je Hyun, Hannam University, Daejeon, South Korea

2013 - 2014

Noh, Hui Jeong, Dept. of Ethics Education, Gwangju National University of Education, Gwangju, Korea
Na, Chae Sig, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Republic of Korea
Yang, Jeonghye, Dept. of Practical Arts Education, Chuncheon National University of Education

2012 - 2013

Choi, Jun Young, Dept. of Political Science, Inha University

2011 - 2012

Chu, Beong Wan, Dept. of Ethics Education, Chuncheon National University of Education
Click here for a List of Publications by Chu, Beong Wan during his time at the YOK Center

Park, Byung Choon, Jeonju National University of Education
Shin, Hyun Woo, Dept. of Ethics Education, Cheongju National University of Education
Yoon, Cheol Ho, Mokpo National University

2010 - 2011

Cho, Nam Wook, Seoul National University of Technology
Han, Kyu Jung, Gongju National University of Education
Kim, Jung Ho, Inha University

2009 - 2010

Kim, Seung Woo, Korea University
Oh, Ki Sung, Gyeongin National University of Education