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Who is Young Oak Kim

Colonel Young Oak Kim was a highly decorated U.S. Army veteran of World War II and the Korean War. He was the only Korean American officer in a mostly Japanese American unit in the Army at the time of World War II. The Center is named after the late Col. Young Oak Kim and was founded in June 2010.

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Young Oak Kim with mother.

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Captain Young Oak Kim commands honor gaurds for the US under secretary of War Henry Stimpson in Italy 1944.

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Handing over a Sherman tank shell, Battalion Comm. Young Oak Kim encourages a private in Moondeung Valley on the eastern front of Korea in winter of 1952.

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Young Oak Kim as a Lt Colonel in 1965.

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Young Oak Kim with President of Korea Roh Mo-Hyun and First Lady Kwon Yang-Soo at the Blue House in March 2003.

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Young Oak Kim at Moran Medal of Korea ceremony in LA 2003.

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Two of the war orphans taken care of by Young Oak Kim during Korean War thank him when they meet each other in the old site of the orphanage in Seoul in March.

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Young Oak Kim is included as one of four major historical figures in a 5th grade Korean textbook.

Col. Young Oak Kim Map Tour - ArcGIS

This is a map tour of the life of Col. Young Oak Kim. This guided tour takes you through his life and military accomplishments with photos and storylines to help you understand more about his life.

Click the image below or click here to view the map---> http://bit.ly/NvAMYc