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The Young Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies
at University of California, Riverside
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The Young Oak Kim Center for Korean Amercian Studies at UC Riverside

Welcome to the Young Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies at the University of California Riverside. UCR has long been committed to the study of the Korean American experience and culture. The Young Oak Kim Center (YOK) will lead the nation in scholarship and the exploration of Korean American diaspora. UC Riverside is deeply committed to the YOK Center and is providing institutional support to match funding from the Overseas Korean Foundation.

To see a list of our faculty and staff click this link: YOK Center Faculty

The Young Oak Kim Center's Mission

  • Lead the United States in studying issues related to Korean diaspora and Korean American identity issues
  • Encourage and faciliate the free exchange of ideas and perspectives on topics related to Korean American Studies in an environment of respect and civility
  • Benefit the surrounding Korean American community by sharing leadership and academic knowledge
  • Enable the university to attract or retain a world-class Korean American Studies scholar who will enhance the reputation of the campus, create a welcoming environment for students of Korean American Studies and enrich the community