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  • 2020
    Short Korean American History Timeline

    A short timeline on Korean American history meant to be succinct. The larger Korean American history timeline is rich, detailed, and filled with amazing stories. The document linked here is meant to be a short introduction to Korean American history. 

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    Note: Copyright belongs to YOK Center, UC Riverside. Reprint permission must be requested and inquiries should be directed to carol.park@ucr.edu.

    Click here for the Timeline in Korean 미주한인사 연혁.

  • 2019
    Korean American Oral Histories Project

    Organized by the YOK Center for Korean American Studies, the Korean American Oral Histories Project is an ongoing collection of stories that include Korean Americans from all walks of life, talking about their experiences coming to America, stories of their family's endeavors, early childhood, and how they came to be in the position they are today.

    For more information about our project or to browse through our interviews please visit ---> http://kaoralhistories-yokcenter.weebly.com

    Korean American Oral Histories Project
  • 2017
    Asian American Walking Tours

    Organized by the YOK Center for Korean American Studies, UCR, the Save Our Chinatown Committee, and the Japanese American Citizen League, this walking tour of downtown Riverside offers a quick look at the city's Asian American history. Contact yokintern@outlook.com for more information.

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    Asian American Walking Tours
  • 2015
    Col. Young Oak Kim Map Tour - ArcGIS

    This is a map tour of the life of Col. Young Oak Kim. This guided tour takes you through his life and military accomplishments with photos and storylines to help you understand more about his life.

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    Map Tour
  • 2013
    Homicide Data on Korean Americans
    Slide Show Presentation

    Compiled 2013

    Homicide Data
  • 2012
    Korean American and Asian American Census Data Comparison
    Top 10 Cities in LA, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County

    Compiled 2012

    Census Data

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